Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apartment Hunting...

Not liking what I'm finding available in the area where I want to live. The units I've seen are amazingly small. I have to wonder who on earth can conduct their lives from just 500 square feet of living space! Tiny little kitchens, itsy bitsy bedrooms, windows that look out at bare walls, alleys or in one case a lovely view of DWP's lot.
From what I can see, there's no good option for me. Any savings on rent that I might capture will be used up in paying for laundry, buying a refrigerator, paying for off-site storage of stuff that won't fit into such a tiny space and all the deposits and fees that accompany moving to a new place. I'm thinking I should just suck it up and stick with my current apartment. Now that I've seen what's out there, I feel pretty fortunate to be living where I do. Nonetheless I will be making a couple adjustments to try to save a little money every month.

On an unrelated subject, work is getting really weird. The boss is really out of touch with what's going on in the company. He seems to be too preoccupied. No wonder... I ran into him last night while walking my dog. It appeared that he was leaving the office around 8pm with a pretty female employee who had clocked out at 5. Now I understand that his wife is home recovering from transplant surgery and  okay... he needs his fun... I don't begrudge him his coke either... but with an employee... in the office? Yuck! Spring for a cheap room somewhere. Don't shit where you eat and don't get caught. Running into me had to have been awkward for him. I know he was hoping I didn't notice the mistress as she sneaked down the alley to her car half a block away. I think I'll take more frequent walks.... so much to see out here in the world.

Have a lovely week.

Love Betsy

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