Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chess and Harley Davidson Dreams

Hey friends,

Things rolling steadily along in my life for the most-part.

I’ve at last managed to convince management to meet with my department and discuss some of the issues we have with regard to remuneration and human resource issues. Since I last wrote on this subject, I’ve lost three well-trained employees to other employers who are willing to provide more opportunity, better wages and working conditions etc.. Others in the company are also exploring the possibilities of gaining better jobs.

Initially, upon learning that one of my employees is interviewing with a competitor, our CEO/owner was described to me as “livid”. He also threatened to call the prospective employer and threaten reprisal for hiring away our trained personnel. I told them if they did that I would consider it a mean-spirited and unethical action and would personally sponsor each and everyone’s job search. I also asked why it should make management angry to know their employees are seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Perhaps they don’t understand that happy, well-paid employees don’t job-seek in their spare time.

We have been granted a meeting next Tuesday afternoon.

Late development: A memo went out to advise as of 8/1/12 the company would re-instate the 10% pay cut we took three years back… but they would be taking the same 10% from our bonus pool to cover it. So essentially they are giving us nothing.

In the meantime… I completed my Motorcycle Safety Course last weekend and passed the riding skills test required to obtain my M1 license endorsement! YAY! Now all I need to do is make an appointment at DMV, take the written and eye tests, pay the fee and I’m official. I only wish I had a motorcycle to ride now. I’ll be patient though and get just the right one. I’m very proud of myself for having completed a personal challenge that I’ve always wanted to complete.

Soon it will be time for numbers again. I have been contemplating moving my care closer to where I now live. Driving twenty minutes just for a blood draw and then another half hour to see my ID doctor seems silly when I could choose a doctor in my network closer to my home. I’ll be exploring that option before my next CD4 count I think.

I’m very overdue for my routine mammogram so need to think about taking care of that soon too. If only job stress was the key to curing HIV/AIDS… and if wishes were Harley Davidsons… we’d all be riding.

Stay cool

Love Betsy