Friday, August 3, 2012

Heck's Angel, Easy-peasy Rider

Happy August Everyone,

Well I passed all my tests, paid necessary fees, bought a beautiful new motorcycle, a helmet, some gloves, safety vest, tank bag and insurance and I’m officially a biker. I may be a newbie-biker but I’m getting more seasoned and will attend my first club ride on the 11th. It’s been great so far. I’ve put almost 300 miles on the bike already! I can tell that I will soon want to buy a bigger bike but for now, my 250 will help me learn a lot. The photo on my new drivers’ license is hideous. I sincerely hope I don’t actually look like the frumpy, homely old lady looking out at me from that photo.

My mom has actually gained a little strength and may surprise us all. I always knew she was too tough to just fade away. I wish she could communicate. I miss having talks with her. She has a terrific sense of humor and I know, if she could just talk, she’d have some pretty funny stuff to say.

My employer cancelled the meeting with my department. He offered no specific reason other than “You got your 10% back… I see no reason to meet with your employees”. So things are what they are and no changes in any policies will be considered for the foreseeable future. In other words, “Like-it- or Lump-it” is the general message. I tried, all efforts failed. Such is life.

Not a lot to write this week. I won’t comment on Chick-fil-A because everyone else has. Who cares if they’re dumb enough to spout their personal beliefs all over their business-model then they deserve the criticism. When you think about it, it’s probably more press than they’ve ever had before. I’ve never even seen a Chick-fil-A, let-alone eaten there.

Have you been watching the Olympics? I wish there were more Equestrian events televised. And wasn’t Bowling finally included as an Olympic sport? Billiards? My gosh, there’s Table Tennis (ping pong), Water Polo (who plays that?), and what about the one where they dance around with a ribbon on a stick? Can’t wait for the winter games with some danger and excitement!

Stay cool and have a great week.

Love Betsy

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  1. I hope you’re doing well now, Betsy. I also ride a motorcycle, and it’s awesome! When you’re on the wheels, it seems like the world is yours! But of course, unfortunate events such as accidents can happen. But these events can be somewhat manageable when you have an insurance policy that can help you in these trying times.

    Fe Penley